01 05

The task.

To design and build a brand, website, user web app, and practitioner web app for the MyButeyko partnership, an organisation which promotes the use of Buteyko breath training for its health benefits.

02 05

The design.

The design of the Brand, Website and Apps, puts ease of use and the promise of peace of mind at the fore with a clean minimalist style

03 05

Mobile experience.

User website, practitioner website, and Apps beautifully designed for mobile.

04 05

The client.

“I really can’t imagine teaching my students Buteyko techniques without using these tools. Jonny has done such a good job here and gone far beyond what we originally thought was even possible.”

Micheal Lingard - Partner
05 05

The results.

Web applications which have changed the way that this technique is taught and practiced, as well as an image which invites new interest with ease and grace, all delivered at a fraction of the cost of an online agency.


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