01 05

The task.

Starting with a blank canvas Aerospace Tooling Ltd needed to move away from its tooling heritage and position itself as a service leader in turbine repair.

North1° was commissioned to create a new brand for the business and take it to market. Starting with logo design we took the new ATL brand through to both online and offline collateral.

02 05

The design.

A single page design delivering key selling points to funnel visitors into making contact

03 05

Mobile experience.

An experience which continues to be interactive on mobile

04 05

The client.

“We could’t be more pleased with the image Jonny has created for us. He understood us and where we were going almost from day one. We now have an image which fits with the business objectives we hope to achieve five years from now.”

John Seaton - CEO
05 05

The results.

A powerful rebranding of an Aerospace company with ambitious aims, with digital experiences dovetailing perfectly with business objectives.


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